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Top Things To Do And See In Perth, The Best Of Perth Attractions

If you're thinking of visiting Perth for the first time and aren't really sure what to do there, you'll soon discover that having options isn't going to be a problem as you'll be presented with a wide variety of places to visit. 


From desert adventures to dolphin watching to touring some of the largest parks in the world, as well as having great tourist spots for day trips, Perth provides one of the best tourist attractions for anyone looking to spend their vacation. To help you enjoy your vacation, here are some of the best Perth attractions for tourists. 

1. King's Park

(Kings Park State War Memorial)

King’s Park is among the main Perth attractions. Being one of the largest city parks in the world, it is an important cultural place for the aboriginal people of Western Australia. King's Park is also referred to as an oasis of peace and is made up of native plant species and more than 80 bird species. The park offers a breathtaking view of the city and has excellent fun facilities.

There are a lot of things to do and see in King’s park which includes admiring the panoramic views of treetops, seeing the mighty indigenous trees, enjoying events and festivals, and enjoying flora and fauna including birds and wildflowers. 

Something that most tourists love doing while in King's Park, is to sit on the grass and enjoy the tranquility of nature. You can even have a picnic there, but be sure to go through their rules and regulations first.

The state war memorial is also located at King’s park and is visited by over 40,000 people every year during the Anzac Day dawn service. 

(View of Perth City from Kings Park)

2. Rottnest Island

(Taking a Quokka Selfie)

When in Perth, Rottnest Island is definitely a place you'd want to go to. Surrounded by white sand beaches with amazing bays for swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing, it's an unforgettable experience for anyone that enjoys underwater nature.

Rottnest Island is a short ferry ride from Perth city and best to plan your trip there early in the morning. You can take your bike or hire one on the island. 

Apart from swimming and snorkeling mentioned above, other fun things to do on the island include guided tours, biking and exploring the island by foot. The island is well-known for Quokkas, which are marsupials, that roam freely in the wild. Getting a selfie taken with one is a must at Rottnest Island but is a challenge as these nocturnal cutties prefer to come out when the sun goes down. However, there are still a fair bit of Quokkas that come out during the day for you to get that perfect selfie.

(Rottnest Island's West End Rock Formations)

(Rottnest Island's Pink Lake)

3. Swan Valley

Another place to have a blast at, is Swan Valley. Being the oldest wine area in Western Australia, there is so much to see and learn. Whether you love wine or beer, you will enjoy your drinks in the wide open land with the sun shining upon you or sitting in the shade feeling the cool breeze against you.

Some of the things to see and do in the Swan Valley include taking a boat cruise from Perth City to Swan Valley, exploring the valley, visiting art and craft galleries, and tasting of local preserves such as honey, cheese and coffee. 

(Wine Tasting)

(Cheese Tasting)

4. Swan River

(Crawley Edge Boat Shed)

Swan River has remained as one of Perth’s best attractions for tourists. The beautiful river is also a means of transportation around Perth city. You can either choose to sail or take a ferry just to chill and enjoy the ride to where you're going. 

For locals, tourists and water lovers, the Swan River is a great place to visit. It has the best outdoor setting for family and friends who choose to have picnics at, hike or bike along the trails. This serene environment is perfect for relaxation and bonding time with loved ones.

The very instagrammable attraction which is the Crawley Edge Boat Shed or also known as the Blue Boat House can be found along the Swan River as well and there is usually a long line of tourists queuing for their perfect instaworthy photo at the Crawley Edge Boat Shed! 

(Crawley Edge Boat Shed At Night)

5. Hillary's Boat Harbour 

(Hillary's Boat Harbour)

Hillary’s Boat is another famous tourist spot in Perth. If you're into fish and chips,then you won’t be disappointed when you visit Hillary’s Boat Harbour as there are several outlets that offer one of the best fish and chips in the world. 

Just be sure to keep the seagulls away if you're eating outdoors, or they'll want a taste of your tasty meal as well! Apart from the family-friendly attractions, shops, and restaurants, there is also an underwater tunnel where you can stroll through to observe more than two hundred marine animal species.

6. Perth Day Trips

Day trips are some of the exciting activities you need to consider while in Perth. From city sightseeing to strolling through the famous neighbourhoods and streets, you can be assured to enjoy every trip. Depending on how far you are willing to drive, a day trip up north will get you to the Lancelin sand dunes, which is 2 hours away, and the Pinnacles which is 3 and half hours away by car. A day trip down south would lead you to Mandurah (45 minutes drive from Perth), Busselton (2 and half hours drive from Perth) and Margaret River (3 and half hours drive from Perth)

Lancelin Sand Dunes (2 hours North Of Perth)

The Pinnacles (3 Hours 30 Minutes North Of Perth)

Mandurah (45 Minutes South Of Perth) 

Busselton (2 Hours 30 Minutes South Of Perth)

Margaret River (3 Hours 30 Minutes South Of Perth)

There are more places that you can visit while in Perth but the places that i’ve listed here are where most tourists would want to visit. Speak to anyone who has been to Perth for at least a few days and chances are, they would have been to a few of the places that i’ve mentioned.

The number of places that you plan to visit, will depend on how many days you will be staying in Perth but most importantly, how well you plan your travel itinerary. There are apps and websites that will help you create your itinerary but what i feel needs more attention is your research to learn more about the places you want to go to. Being well informed will prepare you for what you need to do and look out for when you get there.

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