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The Perfect Kelong Weekend Getaway In Moonbay Kelong, Batam. Everything You Need To Know About This Exclusive Villa On The Water

Not many people can say they have stayed in a place that’s located on water in the middle of the sea. Kelong is a malay word for an offshore platform built mostlyfrom wood and mostlyfound in Malaysia, Phillipines, Indonesia and Singapore. 

Today, we bring you to Moonbay Kelong located in Nongsapura, Batam in Indonesia. Moonbay Kelong was built from scratch in 2008 and provides a mix of peace, nature and tranquility. This place prides itself with being an exclusive private villa which takes you back to the old village life but with a touch of luxury. If your group has a booking, your group will have the whole kelong with full privacy so you don’t have to deal with seeing other people or strangers to your left or right.

(Moonbay Kelong) 

(Sunrise at Moonbay Kelong) 

Planning and Securing your place at Moonbay Kelong 

For more information, you can visit Moonbay Kelong's Facebook Page or their Official Website to have a better look at the kelong and check out the reviews of how it all started.

Bookings and enquiries can be done through facebook or by messaging/whatsapping the owner, Gene, at this number +65 96668662. Once you drop a message to Gene, he will give you a rundown of whether the dates are available and also go through with you the processes to make your trip a successful and enjoyable one. 

(The owner, Gene) 

Important things to take note: 

  • Bookings should preferably be done a minimum of 3 days before departure date.
  • A minimum of 6 people or minimum cost of 6 people is required to secure your booking at Moonbay Kelong.
  • The kelong is able to house 14 people in total
  • Once your booking is confirmed, Gene would either want to have a meet up or give you a call to explain and also find out what you can or want to do at the kelong. He will also go through all the meals of your stay and accommodate to your meal preferences, whether you want a seafood feast or just a local Indonesian array of dishes. 

    (Group of 10 people with the Kelong staff) 

    (Group of 13 people having lunch) 

    What is included in your booking:

  • Booking of ferry tickets to and from Singapore (If required). 
  • Picking up and delivery of ferry tickets at Tanah Merah ferry terminal (Singapore) prior to departure. 
  • Express clearance for immigration at Nongsapura arrival ferry terminal. 
  • Transport to and from the ferry terminal/airport and Moonbay Kelong.
  • Free flow of coffee, tea and distilled water. 
  • Daily meals of breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner provided. 
  • Live fresh seafood spread meals for dinner. 
  • Fishing bait (upon request) 
  • Supper (upon request)
  • (Fresh from the sea seafood dinner spread) 

    (Lunch spread) 

    Getting there 

    The most convenient way to travel to Moonbay kelong is by taking a ferry from Tanah Merah ferry terminal from Singapore to Nongsapura ferry terminal in Batam. Batamfast is the only ferry operator as of yet that does this ferry route to and fro. Ferry timings and bookings can be done here at BatamFast's Official Website

    (BatamFast Ferry) 

    (Ferry ride from Singapore to Batam) 

    Alternatively, you can also fly to Batam’s Hang Nadim airport. However, there are not many direct flights that go to Hang Nadim airport and you would most likely have to transfer flights. If you are flying from overseas we recommend to fly to Singapore and then take the ferry from Singapore to Batam. 

    Tanah merah ferry terminal (Singapore) – Moonbay Kelong (Recommended Route)

    Once you leave Tanah Merah ferry terminal, it is just a 35 minutes ferry ride to Nonsapura ferry terminal. Once at Nongsapura, present your passports to the Palm Springs resort counter before the immigration to attain your express clearance pass and the manager, Imran, will meet you after you clear the customs and it is just a 10 minutes drive from the ferry terminal to the village where Moonbay Kelong is located. A small boat or sampan will be pick you up from the village and offer you a fun 2 minute ride to Moonbay Kelong!

    (Outdoor seating area in the ferry) 

    (The small boat AKA 'sampan') 

    (Nongsapura Ferry Terminal) 

    (Getting on the sampan with assistance from staff) 

    Flying in to Batam Hang Nadim Airport – Moonbay Kelong

    Once you arrive in Batam, there will be a transport pick up after you clear immigrations at the airport and it will be a 20 minute drive from the airport to Moonbay Kelong.

    Things to do at Moonbay Kelong

    There are quite a number of things to do on and off the kelong. Fret not, we are here to give you the full range of activities that you can indulge in! 

    (Playing Beer Pong) 

    Free activities at the Moonbay Kelong 


    For those that don’t know what Mahjong is, it is a Chinese tile-based game played on a table that usually involves 3-4 people. If you saw the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, yup that’s Mahjong! 



    Moonbay Kelong has 2 kayaks that you can take out for a paddle around the bay area. 2 people per kayak! 

    (Kayaking during sunset) 


    Achieve your inner peace and enlightenment right on the jetty of Moonbay Kelong. Its said the best timing to do yoga on Moonbay Kelong is during sunrise.

    (Yoga on the Kelong jetty) 

    Swimming in the sea 

    During high tide, feel free to jump in the water for a lovely swim around the kelong and maybe soak in the sun on the deck after! 

    (Swimming in the Bay Area) 

    Small game fishing 

    The salt water in the bay area is extra salty and its where the big fish come in to breed, so small game fishing is a fun time for the whole family especially the kids if you just want to feel the fight and excitement of catching something. Bait is provided upon request. 

    (Small catches from the kelong itself) 

    Catch the sunrise and sunset

    You don't even need to try to catch the sunrise or sunset because you wouldn't be able to miss it! Moonbay Kelong has a very clear view of the sunrise and sunset so make sure you get yourself some nice pictures with this beautiful natural phenomenon! 

    (Sunrise at the kelong) 

    (Sunset at the kelong) 

    Activities that come with extra cost 


    The village nearby recently opened a paintball facility. If your group decides to have a go at it, everything from the paintball guns and protective gear will be provided at the venue. 

    Off Shore Boat fishing 

    Take the boat out past the bay area for a go at the bigger fish! A “pawang” or in other words, a fishing guide, will be on board to tell us where the fish are as they know the local seas better than any of us. The fishing guide is free once you decide to book the boat for a fishing trip out. 

    (The boat) 

    (Taking the boat out for a spin) 

    (Beers and fishing on the boat) 

    (2kg Grouper caught off the boat) 

    (Catch from nearby the kelong off the boat) 


    There are a few golf courses such as Palm Springs and Tering Bay golf course which are under 10 minutes’ drive from the kelong. Booking and arrangements can all be done by Moonbay Kelong. 

    Alternatively, the kelong has their own tee off mats which you can use. It’s basically your own personal driving range where you hit the balls into the sea. The manager, Imran, is a golf pro and can provide free golf coaching if you practice at the kelong. However, you need to pay for the balls you use. 

    (Driving range off the jetty of the kelong) 


    If you want your own private fireworks showcase straight off the kelong, Moonbay Kelong provides just that! Sit back and relax on the deck as you watch the fireworks shoot off straight from the kelong! 

    (Fireworks set off from the kelong) 

    Batam Shopping

    If you would like to go around the malls in Batam to get your shopping fix, transport can be arranged to take you from the kelong to malls in the Nagoya area or in Batam city. 

    (Nasi Padang lunch spread near Batam City) 

    Batam Tour 

    You can customize your own day tour around Batam or let the kelong staff do that for you! Take the transport provided and tour the sights of Batam such as the Barelang bridge or exploring the city! 

    (The Barelang Bridge) 

    (View from Barelang Bridge) 

    (GoKarting in Batam) 


    If you need to unwind and loosen that tension in your body, massages can be arranged on the kelong itself. Relax and enjoy your massage from the comfort of your room! 

    (Massage from the comfort of the kelong) 

    Facilities on the kelong 

    24 hour electricity 

    The kelong recently ran a power line from the village nearby to provide 24 hour electricity which means you don’t have to deal with the noise of the generator if you want to use electricity. The epitome of peace! 

    (Power line running from kelong to the village) 

    Baby cot 

    For the comfort of infants and young ones. 

    (Super strong baby cot) 


    For entertainment and if you want to watch the basic local channels. 

    Water supply from the well 

    The kelong gets their water supply from the nearby village well and showering with well water is definitely an experience! Its cooling and refreshing! 

    (Water from the well) 

    2 toilets with sitting toilet bowls 

    Unlike other kelongs, Moonbay kelong provides sitting toilet bowls for the best comfort so you don’t have to squat while using the toilet and strain the knees!

    (Toilet #1) 

    (Toilet #2) 

    3 rooms accommodating 14 people 

    There are 3 rooms all containing bunk beds with 2 rooms being able to sleep 5 people each and 1 room being able to sleep 4 people. 

    (Room #1, able to accommodate 5 people) 

    (Room #2, able to accommodate 5 people) 

    (Room #3, able to accommodate 4 people) 

     Kitchen with full basic needs

    If you do wish to cook your own food while on the Kelong, Moonbay Kelong has all the basic necessities that you will need to get your cook on! 

    (Kitchen with basic necessities) 

    Moonbay Kelong fish farm

    Yes, the kelong has their own fish farm where they keep and rear what they catch from the sea until it is ready to find its way to your plate on the dinner table! 

    (Moonbay Kelong's small fish farm) 

    Moonbay Kelong Staff

    The Big Boss








    Staff Team Of Moonbay Kelong

    If you are looking for a peaceful, all in one and fun villa for the family and friends, Moonbay Kelong is definitely the place for you. The short journey from Singapore to Moonbay Kelong also means that you won’t be exhausted or jetlagged when you arrive and you can start your activities straight away!

    Be sure to leave a comment and tell us whether you would love to stay at Moonbay Kelong! For more information on Moonbay Kelong you can visit Moonbay Kelong's Facebook Page or their Official Website

    (Moonbay Kelong) 

    (On the boat with Gene) 

    (Moonbay Kelong's Jetty) 

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    Where there are new experiences to partake, or a path travelled by few... You'll find me in the middle of it all!

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