2020 has been a year filled with huge changes that pushed people to their limits. What we do today will shape the reality of our future and we can only move through it together when we align ourselves with one another. I would like to share a little story that could somehow play a small part in building appreciation in our lives, especially during this tumultuous times.

“My First Solo” is a short poetic story that wants to encompass hope and a feeling of appreciation in life.

Just by taking a step on the adventure a floor, 

and moving with connotations that align perhaps with your true explorer’s call.

It shows the feelings and emotions of travelling alone for the first time on my end and shares the little moments that might capture your appreciation for a short moment of time. It’s colours that shine within the tinge of black and white backdrop that ultimately brings you to feel what I felt from a detached perspective, that allows full appreciation from the ups and downs of the writer himself.

My First Solo

To begin, not many of us are given the opportunity to travel solo. This could be due to many various reason, be it because of commitments or the fear of the unknown. Many have their reasons, well this was me going against them all. I would say I started a little late while others may disagree. Nevertheless, the experience gained was far from matters of one’s age. Let’s start with a poem to begin the story, a poem that shows the culture of life, an enticing form of indulgence and the ultimate questioning of the beginning of my travels.

Cultural oh so endearing, 

what you show me was simplest. 

Ohh.. how beautiful..

and it was the appreciation of the moment and the mindfulness of existence

So much so, till I forgotten your old words of wisdom. 

Through nature it grows, bends and blows, what you’re merely experiencing is duality game of sorts. 

When one truly answers enough of this all, 

Perhaps he would stumble upon to his greatest calling of them all…

The particular poem was questioning the traditions and cultures we all seem to live in. To be merely happy with living in the moment and to be just mindful of existence. Ruled by destiny and fate, where by we forget what is beyond those realms. A questioning in my head that perhaps wants to break out of it.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

I needed a getaway from all the things around me because the water, greenery and the sandy beaches seem to inspire me. What I needed wasn’t to be here in Singapore anymore, what I needed was to be alone from it all. It was to seek an understanding of my own, of what I truly wanted to be from inside and out.

It happened while I was sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for a friend. I was invited to come for drinks to witness a magical event and at the moment, a spur of thought race across my mind, I was longing to see the waves crash again and be able to feel the energy of it under my feet. I was craving to go back to Bali, but this time alone. It was then when I gazed upon the crossing of paths between the sun & the moon. No words could replicate the awe as my friend and I both looked up with amazement of the beautiful reddish glare of darkness in the light. 

Blue skies, solar Blood moon eclipse, 

Shining red as hot as Australian trees

Seems to me like it has to be,

What I may know shapes and be

Is it time for this democracy 

Why not move for awhile, that allows

Full thought of own which doesn’t condone,

Only you,

with your own 

would be able to raise the soul,

Of your own 

beloved body that is here on its own

The trip of its making

That can only start the growing

Of the path chosen

By your own derivation

Of philosophical thought

Which reminds you of thought

That brings us closer to the flying abroad

The booking of flights 

The home, the environment and the purpose of it all

Thats when I executed the call

Lets go immediately 

that purpose can come knocking on my door

It was late in December during the solar eclipse, where the forest fires started in Australia. It was a sign for me perhaps to leave home to where it was safe yet uncomfortable. A path I decided to take from the hopelessness I was feeling for the future I had. My purpose was bleak and I wanted to see what the world could share with me.

First it was a thought, 

an idea, 

a decision 


the action.

The structure of the journey I chose 
to embark, 

I was a boy who grew up with toys, a baby boy with life of lavish lifestyle and noise. Now, it was time for that baby boy to grow up and have an experience of a life time travelling solo. That was the call. 

End of Chapter 1

- Introduction -

Do look forward to weekly posts if you enjoyed my little story. Every week I will post a new chapter and would be glad if you could be entertained or get intrigued by it at most.

Written By:

Cleon Leck


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