Chapter 7

Conscious Dreaming of A Wake Alert

My consciousness soon left my physical home but it came to me only when I finally felt at home. 

In a country I didn’t grew up in, I was feeling..

Inner peace floating within the sphere, 

Shall I say it brought tears

Happy tears to say the least,

My mind, body and soul merged to be here.

My whole spirit had found itself slowly rooting into this magical island. It sparked a quirky conquest from unaccepting to fully merging into the environment. I was soon immersing into the daily life of the locals here and partaking in the morning surfing rituals. 

But…. nothing malleable usually stands still when shaken.

The malleable being my comfort, it honestly didn’t take long before I was alerted and uprooted from the place where I planted. 

Ringing in my head, bells chiming beside the church where it rang, looks like Mr Covid had arrived and has a masterplan.

The situation of the pandemic didn’t seem to bright, the whole world started to slowly go on lockdown and it became bleak when various establishment here in the country had different views on the closure of it’s borders. 

Thought to myself:

 “looks like my solo trip might soon end before the high tide kicked in” 

The pandemic was hitting South east Asia hard, but one country of it all reporting zero numbers happen to be the place I was residing at the moment. Stunned and confused I just brushed it up with some booze. 

Feeling a little panicky,

But aint gonna get cranky.

Sipping on some booze to get me little confi-denty.

As I sip on, as the waves were crashing on. I looked at my friend with a smile on my face and said “What is going on?"

End of Chapter 7  

- Conscious Dreaming of A Wake Alert -

Do look forward to weekly posts if you enjoyed my little story. Every week I will post a new chapter and would be glad if you could be entertained or get intrigued by it at most.

Written By:

Cleon Leck


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