Chapter 6

Interactions with good to spiritual times

Interactions led me to meet connections of a vibrant mind. A thought that could be refined with mere simple conversations about the past and the future. It grew just with a simple dinner and drinks that we laugh and shared amongst most of the time.

Just by sharing your thoughts and views a simple equation equals the connection that you have gained. Putting yourself out there to experience pain, rejection, joy and kinship.

It goes a something like this...

Mouth starts moving

It isn’t chewing.. probably me just speaking

Am I flowing? 

Discussing and sharing, seems interesting..

Didn’t expect all this companionship

Could it just be the interactions that led to connections

A lesson I took was to listen and to share, never to oppress and never to be opinionated as no matter where you go, perspective follows.

My trips was changing, I could feel it, I no longer was sulking, spending the time in my room, expecting better days, I was out exploring, I was out exploring with like minded travellers who aligned. I was having a joyful time. 

Food, more food and beautiful views.

This could be an ending of a movie but it goes for many, life doesn’t stop to let you bathe in the beauty, it comes and go, but always learn to be bathe in appreciations of it all. 

The doubtful thoughts were history, my mind came to its comfortable state of mind where I first arrived.

Through this surge of familiarity my mind vibrated to its own field of energy.  

I soon attracted conversations at the back of mind.

The spiritual times were done in fair fashion of the relevant knowledge we shared. 

To the various people who have shared an experience with me there, I just want to say I am grateful and appreciative of the part you have played in regaining my clarity in life. Thank you Kevin and Mattias for the moments we shared and the friendships that were forged. You guys have made my first solo trip the most welcoming one ever. Thank you for that.

End of Chapter 6  

- Interactions with good to spiritual times -

Do look forward to weekly posts if you enjoyed my little story. Every week I will post a new chapter and would be glad if you could be entertained or get intrigued by it at most.

Written By:

Cleon Leck


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