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Chapter 3

Singapore’s Stale winds

The winds back at home blow ships and trade within its light shore. Its stale winds bring stability in its port, brings trade and brings jobs but through it all it makes the people working so hard for? 

A country I grew up to admire but also can’t help complain about, why? 

Perhaps I’m taking it for granted, the safety, the peace and the socially structured plans of harmony. Following great inspiration from our society’s ancient history, a similar brainchild of the idea that even till this day, its memory seems to be an endless repetitive cycle we humans repeat unknowingly in our day to day.

An idea so backtracked that we work our lives away in the cycle of social life. Performing up to standard to gain material wealth and to simply please the structure we call life. Where was the adventure of it all? 

Perhaps all that complaining is for, was for me to leave a shore. I love the country I grew up in, but I think it was time for me to find balance with the world. I was stuck in this mindset, this little box and perhaps that is why I could no longer see the beauty of my own home anymore. 

Only through distance away from home,

Do I know the beauty of it’s true essence

Where I belong can never change

I am home anyway

We always have a soft spot for where we grew up in. The laughter, joy, sadness and growth to even your first heartbreak. It is a magical place and you never knew it till you left, that within you, home was always there.

                                     Photo by Hamsluminiq

End of Chapter 3 

- Singapore's Stale Winds -

Do look forward to weekly posts if you enjoyed my little story. Every week I will post a new chapter and would be glad if you could be entertained or get intrigued by it at most.

Written By:

Cleon Leck


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