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Chapter 2 

Surfing Winds

The aura, the ocean and the blue sky backdropped with the lushes greenery one has seen. Tropical is best described as it is. The tropical humidity which serves as the brain storm of riding a Vario-125cc with a flow-y shirt, shorts and flip flops. The wind blowing through, breezy as it is, the freedom that we receive just from flying overseas. That was a glimpse of what I saw. Winds that blow strong are blessed with adventurers, white wash that captures and a surfboard gliding through the end of the wet monsoon endless hot summer. 

The surfing winds are here, all year, from learners to beginners and to students and masters of the art of nature.

Where strong winds occur, takes with them explorers and adventurers.

Surfing gives you one of those feelings of flowing with nature which makes your body physically work to achieve a healthy state of balance. The waves push you and you glide along a wave of what nature has produced, a humanly undisrupted process which makes you feel connected to life, something I feel everyone should at least try once in their life. A feeling of Interconnectedness.

The winds were blowing strong in the place I might belong, perhaps not home as we know but a vibration of my inner adventurer calling upon me to be welcomed homed. The home of an adventurer is subjective but he or she always seeks to experience new. Well surfing winds are what I’m looking for.

Perhaps that was why the choice was simple. Bali, a two plus hour plane ride, to that exploration and freedom. A choice before I grew up, a boy must explore, he doesn’t become a man through a job, he becomes a man through experiences. Left with not much on my door, I gave myself the chance to seek experiences that perhaps brings me a path of least resistance when I return home. 

Freedom brings you alone, deep alone in your thoughts, it makes you realign all the motivation of your goals, to simply find that answer you knew all along. With no expectations from validations and approval, you choose simply from the choices that fulfil you ultimately. 

Why I chose, to go ?

Because I want a choice for my own. 

That risk brought an opportunity of growth. I was sure of it.

End of Chapter 2  

- Surfing Winds -

Do look forward to weekly posts if you enjoyed my little story. Every week I will post a new chapter and would be glad if you could be entertained or get intrigued by it at most.

Written By:

Cleon Leck


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