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7 Steps to Creating a Fast and Simple Travel Itinerary for Your Next Trip

Making a travel itinerary is crucial when planning a road trip, overseas vacation or a simple weekend getaway. It not only helps you to be more efficient with your planning, it also keeps you motivated about your upcoming trip. One really good way to create your itinerary with ease is to use an Itinerary template, as it helps you to lay out all the information that you need for your trip. This means you don’t have to deal with the last minute anxiety, which could possibly lead to not packing certain needed items or even worse, overlooking travel dates and timings.

By having a well organised plan before you embark for your trip, you can spend more time exploring and less time organizing yourself. Simply put, itineraries enable you to create a comprehensive travel plan for a stress and worry-free vacation. In this post, we are going to share some crucial tips on how to create a perfect travel itinerary.

1. Collect all the crucial information for your trip

(Doing research on the laptop)

Hotels, flight numbers, car rentals, restaurant reservations, places of interest are essential details that you need to manage and maintain. When creating the list, don't forget to include other relevant details such as the direction to your hotel, car Rental Company that you will use as well as return flight details. If you plan to use airport transportation to get to your hotel, it is also important to note the fees and operation hours. 

2. Create a list

(Making a list of things to do)

Next, you need to create a list of everything that you want to do on your vacation. Even if you intend to spend a few days, your travel plans should include a list of everything you would want to do. Start by researching the local events, festivals, places of interests and holidays of the destination you intend to visit. Doing so may help you in experiencing a cultural event that you could have missed if you never did your research. 

Bonus Tip: you should be conscious of the time that you plan to spend at your selected stops. Plus, if you are traveling as a group ensure you get their reliable feedback on the areas you have selected. 

3. Highlight your stops

(Checking through google maps)

Getting a map of where you want to travel and mapping out your stops is definitely a priority in creating your travel itinerary, but if you want to be doubly sure with your planning, you can use Google maps on your mobile to check if the routes your map has laid out is correct. It also tells you the estimated time of arrival and distance between your starting point and destination.

If you intend to visit several cities during your vacation, plan it such that you will be traveling to adjacent cities as you don't want to waste precious time by traveling further than necessary. You should also estimate the amount of time you will spend at each spot and the length of time you would stay at a particular city. 

4. Create a budget


Your travel plans are never complete without coming up with a favorable budget. The budget will depend on a variety of factors. To have an estimate of what you will spend, do all your booking at home. To start, know where do you want to take your meals and spend your nights. Do you prefer a 3-star restaurant or a 5-star hotel? Or would you want to experience the nightlife in a popular night spot, which will probably cost more for food and drinks? Visit their website and find out if there's any promotions or good deals the venue offers. They might even have their price list on their site.

Spend some time going through travel forums to see if others have been to the places you intend to go and read what they have experienced, recommend or suggest. If you don't find any reviews or comments, you can post your questions in the forum. Remember, your vacation can be as expensive or inexpensive as you would want it to be. However, ultimately it comes to how much you want to spend. 

Bonus tip: Making use of a program such as Microsoft Excel will help you in organizing your budget. You may also use budgeting websites or apps.

5. Stay flexible

(Relaxing at the top of Bluff Knoll)

Another important travel tip is to stay flexible always. While you would want to spend every moment exploring the new destination, you should give yourself an allowance of one free day to recuperate from being exhausted, especially if outdoor sports are part of your itinerary. Trekking, kayaking, and rock climbing can be very energy draining, and after such an activity, you need to take some time off. You can use this free time to relax or simply grab a beer at a local joint, or just relax by taking a dip in the pool at your hotel.

6. Organize your travel information

(Organising travel information)

Additionally, you should try to condense all your travel information into a single document for ease of access. Use highlights for important notes and bold your scheduled details like dates and times. To be on the safe side, ensure that you have a printed copy that you can carry around wherever you go and even take a snapshot and save it on your mobile phone for quick access.

7. Account for your responsibilities

(Leaving the home in order)

Even if you will be gone for only two days ensure that you leave everything at home in order. Be sure to turn off all electrical points and only leave the necessary ones on like your fridge and have your plants or pets checked by a family member or friend. This way you will have peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your vacation fully.

(Beers on a Boat)

Traveling is extremely fun, educational, relaxing and a string of other benefits that come along with it. In order to ensure that you gain from these benefits, it's always best that you start planning your travel itinerary as early as possibly. This will free yourself from any last minute changes, and even if there are any, it would be greatly minimised. In fact, approach your planning as something fun so that you'll stay motivated while looking forward to your trip.

How do you plan for your travels? Feel free to share with us your thoughts in our comments section! 

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