24 things to do in Fremantle, Western Australia // The ultimate guide for locals and tourists.

Fremantle, also known as Freo, is a town full of hustle and bustle! This vibrant port town located in Perth offers an unravelling insight into the world of maritime history and is known to be a place that greatly supports the local arts scene. There are countless of things to do in Fremantle throughout the day and night for both tourists and locals. Here is our guide of 24 things to do in Fremantle!

1. Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour 

Housing more than 400 fishing boats, Fremantle fishing boat harbour is a famous attraction loved by all. Take a stroll along the boardwalk and take pictures with the statues along the way as the boats cruise by. 

2. The Adrenaline Junkies and Whale Lovers

For the thrill seekers that love the feeling of salt water hitting their faces, the Westcoast Jet Tours offers thrilling high-speed boat rides that will whip your socks off! They also offer whale watching tours at very reasonable prices. However, do check when the whale watching season starts and ends as it may vary from time to time. If you are worried about safety, Westcoast Jet boasts a stunning 100% passenger safety record making it one of the safest boat tour companies in Australia!

3. The Seafood Addicts 

The harbour prides itself with the freshest catch of the ocean! From sea to plate, a definite must for all seafood addicts and of course, don’t miss the star of the show, the famously known fish & chips! Some of the favourites include Kaili’s Fish Market, Cicerello’s Fremantle, Joe’s Fish Shack and the recently established Twin Fin.

We recommend trying the fish & chips or the seafood family platter at Kaili’s. Kaili’s is the local’s choice with reasonable prices compared to Cicerello’s or Joe’s fish shack which are the tourists favourite mainly because of the scenic views these restaurants offer. Twin Fin recently cut the ribbon to its doors opening up to public after the Covid pandemic and aims to achieve the perfect blend between traditional and modern seafood. Definitely worth a try! 

4. Unleash the Inner Little Creature

Grab one of The Little Creatures Brewery’s beer tasting paddle and find out which booze is your muse! Critique each brew however way you want to and the best part is that theres no wrong answers! The brewery also offers a kitchen cooking up a variety of food ranging from Pizza to Burgers. 

Free bike rentals are also available at the brewery to have your chance at exploring Fremantle on fancy wheels! Definitely a faster way to take in the sights and sounds of the town! 

The Little Creatures Brewery offers brewery tours at the brew house itself 4 times a day. The time slots include 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. The tour includes learning about the brewing process and ingredients used. As well as the story of their humble beginnings and lastly, finishing off with a guided tasting of the full range of beers. The tour cost AUD$20 per person inclusive of the guided tasting of beer and guests partaking in the tours need to be above 18 years old.

5. Bathers Beach

Just a short walk away from the fishing boat harbour, Bather’s Beach is a small sandy paradise great for a little urban getaway for a few minutes or a few hours! There are lounge chairs offered by Bather’s Beach House. Purchase a beverage or a snack and laze away on the chairs! Other activities that can be done at Bather’s Beach include swimming, taking a stroll on the beach, exploring the Bather’s Beach Arts Precinct or visit the J-Shed art galleries!

6. The Roundhouse

This twelve-sided historic building, located at Arthur head in Fremantle, is the oldest building that is still standing in Western Australia. Constructed in the Swan River Colony and opened in the early 1830s, the Roundhouse offers spectacular views across Bathers beach and far out into the Indian ocean. 

The Roundhouse was originally a prison and later became a police lockup followed by the living quarters for the chief constable and his family. The building is now open to public every day from 10.30am to 3.30pm. Explore the history inside the Roundhouse and take as many funny and quirky pictures with the exhibits. 

Don’t miss the 1 o’clock time signals that are re-enacted every day just behind the Roundhouse. The time ball is dropped, and a cannon is fired at exactly 1pm by the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guide. Be sure to go slightly early to hear more about the history of the Roundhouse given by the volunteers. If you are lucky, you might even get to trigger the cannon shot! This is definitely one of our top recommendations for things to do in Fremantle! For more information, check out the Fremantle Roundhouse Official Website

7. Whalers Tunnel

Just below the Roundhouse sits the Whalers tunnel which was completed in 1838. This underpass was requested by the Fremantle Whaling Company and was used to transport goods from the beach to the town with ease. It was constructed by the prisoners and took only 5 months to finish making the 57 metre long passageway.

As of today, the tunnel is the only remaining structure of Fremantle’s whaling station. It is now only 45 metres long and provides easy access between the town of Fremantle and Bathers Beach. Take a walk through the tunnel and hear the echoes that surrounds the tunnel.

8. Esplanade Park

Fremantle’s public reserve, located between the Fishing Boat Harbour and the famous cappuccino strip, is a perfect place to have a picnic or just lie down in the field. The park contains more than 100 Norfolk Island Pine trees and is perfect for an instaworthy snapshot! 

The park offers a playground and a skatepark for the children and skaters. A tourist wheel was also constructed in 2013 and offers panoramic views of the harbour and the town 40 meters up in the air. Esplanade Park is the hub of many events that happen throughout the year. One popular event that happens annually is the famous Fremantle Street Arts Festival

9. Cappuccino Strip

There are numerous restaurants and cafés that can whip up a kick-ass meal or coffee respectively along Fremantle’s Cappuccino Strip! This aesthetic stretch of road located along South Terrace has tons of interesting restaurants, cafés, hotels and bars. Most of the pubs along the strip offer live entertainment such as open mic nights or live bands once the sun goes down especially on the weekends. 

10. Special Mention - The Monk (Cider Tasting)

Located at the start of the Cappuccino Strip, The Monk offers a tempting cider tasting paddle! The cider is made on site at their very own little brewery and the Monk Farmhouse Cider Paddle comes with 6 different flavours priced at AUD$21 for the lot. The 6 flavours are their original cider, apple cider, plum & pomegranate cider, orange & ginger cider, salted caramel cider, mango & raspberry cider and apple, blackcurrant and basil cider. 

We definitely recommend giving the Monk Farmhouse Cider Paddle a try and is also high up the list of our things to do in Fremantle.

The Monk also offers the Monk Small Batch Beer Paddle for AUD$21 offering tasters of 6 beers. For more information, visit The Monk's Official website.

11. Fremantle Markets

Opened in 1897, Fremantle Markets is by far the most popular place to visit in Fremantle by both tourists and locals. They have also received 6 tourism awards of excellence since 2014! 

Be sure to keep an eye out for one another as it is easy to lose sight of people in the markets. Do keep your belongings close to you as it is a very popular attraction, you do not want to lose your latest retail therapy fix!

Since opening, Fremantle Markets has transformed from a market bringing in patrons who arrive in carts and horses to a building with over 150 unique stalls that offers tons of things from jewellery to food to souvenirs! 

As you walk into the markets from the main entrance, there are 2 areas. The Hall, is where you’ll find all the knick-knacks and what nots which make good gifts or souvenirs. The Yard is where all the food stalls and fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, can be found. 

Trading Hours 

Do take note that Fremantle Markets are only open on the weekends and these are the trading hours. 

Fremantle Markets Overall Trading Hours

Friday: 9am – 8pm

Saturday: 9am – 6pm 

Sunday: 9am – 6pm 

The Yard (Fresh Produce) Trading Hours

Friday: 8am – 8pm

Saturday: 8am – 6pm 

Sunday: 8am – 6pm 

There are special trading hours on public holidays and Mondays on some occasions. Be sure to always double check whether they will be open and their trading hours so you don’t waste your trip to the markets. More information on Fremantle Markets special trading hours and days can be found at Fremantle Market's Official Website.

Recommended hours and recommendations

Friday and Saturday mornings (9am – 11am) or evenings (3.45pm- 5pm) are definitely great times for avoiding the huge crowds. Sundays are just generally crowded throughout the whole day. 


12. Don't Miss Out on the Buskers! 

Be entertained by the many performances by very talented buskers! They are located at the main entrance of Fremantle Markets and be sure to stay till the end of each performance because the most breathtaking tricks and skills are always executed as the big finale! Chek out the busking schedule to see what is awaiting for you when you arrive! 

 For more information on Fremantle Markets, visit Fremantle Market’s officical website for more information.

13. E-Shed Markets

E-Shed is another market overlooking the sea. Similar to the Fremantle Markets, E-Shed markets present the shopaholics with an opportunity to hunt for more clothes and souvenirs! E-Shed is also a great place to just take a breather in one of their cafes offering snacks and coffee as it has a fantastic view of the sea and sunset! 

Perfect for a lovely stroll along the coast with attractions such as the public artworks and the Fremantle fish farm, E Shed markets is definitely worth a visit if you have the extra time, if not, we would recommend visiting Fremantle Markets instead. 

For more information on the things you can do and sights to see, visit the E-Shed Markets official website!

14. Ferries to Rottnest Island

Fremantle is one of the more popular routes tourist take when they visit Rottnest Island. Companies like Sealink Rottnest and Rottnest Fast Ferries offer regular ferry rides to rottnest island. For everything you need to know about rottnest island and how to get there, check out our Rottnest Island Travel Guide to plan the best Rotto trip!

15. Fremantle Arts Centre

Opened in 1973, this heritage site is one of Western Australia’s major art organisations. Countless of renowned artists have performed or displayed their works at the Fremantle Arts Centre. The arts centre holds a great program of exhibitions, events, courses and music which caters to a wide range of different people, there’s something for everyone! Think of this as Fremantle’s very own ‘Sydney Opera House’. For a quick look at what exhibitions and events are happening, click here

Opening times: 

Grounds: 8am – 5pm 

Reception and Lost & Found: 9am – 5pm 

Galleries: 10am -5pm  

Canvas Cafe: 8am – 3pm (Mon – Fri) 8am – 4pm (Sat – Sun )

Entry is free to the galleries and grounds. Free wifi at the grounds. 

For more information visit Fremantle arts centre official website.

16. Fremantle Town Hall

Opened on 22 June 1887, Fremantle Town Hall is one of the prestigious buildings that still has classical 19thcentury architecture. The hall holds various functions such as receptions or concerts of up to 300 people. For more information on Fremantle town hall, visit their official website.

17. Fremantle War Memorial 

The Fremantle War Memorial overlocks the harbour and was established in 1928 to remember the sacrifices of the soldiers in the First World War. Located on Monument hill, an 11-acre public reserve, in Fremantle. 

 The memorial contains a large obelisk, commemorating the Fallen Soldiers’ and Sailors’, surrounded by 8 smaller memorials.

Museum Hopping! 

18. WA Maritime Museum 

Situated on the Indian Ocean’s shore, the WA Maritime Museum is all about the past, present and future of Fremantle as a coastal port and city. The museum is home to many iconic vessels from Western Australia’s maritime and houses several galleries that explore Western Australia’s maritime relationship. Visit WA Maritime Museum's Official Website for more information.

19. WA Shipwreck Museum

Recognised as the foremost maritime archaeology museum in the southern hemisphere, the WA shipwreck museum is located in an 1850s-era Commissariat building which has been restored. The museum houses hundreds of relics from shipwrecks along Western Australia’s coastline. Visit WA Shipwreck Museum's Official Website for more information. 

20. Army Musuem of Western Australia 

Operated by defence personnel alongside numerous volunteers from the Army Museum of Western Australia, this museum has galleries that showcases the various stages of the army in Western Australia. The Army Musuem of Western Australia was established in 1977 and is now located in the Artillery Barracks. For information on bookings, tours and events, check out the Army Museum of Western Australia’s official website!

Spot the Lighthouses! 

21. South Mole Lighthouse

22. North Mole Lighthouse

The lighthouses are great but the scenic views around the lighthouses are even better! Park your car at the lighthouse and take a nice stroll along the sides.

Both these lighthouses are very popular spots for fishermen and their fishing rods high up to the sky adds to the beauty of the place. Don’t miss out on a great sunset photo opportunity from the end of the lighthouse! 

North Fremantle 

23. Rainbow Sea Containers 

Standing 9 metres high and weighing 66 tonnes, this massive rainbow sea container art installation is located next to Canning Highway in North Fremantle. It was constructed with the help of large cranes and created by a Perth local artist named Marcus Canning. Definitely an instaworthy photo opportunity!

24. Port Beach

A favourite with the locals, Port Beach has views that stretch to Rottnest Island! Take a chance to relax on the sandy paradise, snorkel to your hearts content or have a swim while getting that tan. There is also an enclosed playground for the families and a café near the beach!

To find out more on Port Beach, check out what you can do at Port Beach and beach safety information.

Whether it’s a full day in Fremantle or just a few hours, there are definitely activities or something for everyone to enjoy! But no matter what you do, make sure you have at least a seafood meal and have a walk around Freo. It is definitely vibe to experience! 

Written By:

Jeremy Hon


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